Living a Heart 

 Healthy Lifestyle 

Enactus Memorial students created an education aspect to HeartStarter called 'The 3 As'.


What do you need to know? Our communities need to be aware of AEDs and healthy eating.  Enactus Memorial is working with the school lunch program to help youth and families become aware of more heart healthy alternatives.


What can you do? Be proactive and learn about AEDs and learn where they are in your community. By logging AEDs in your town through PulsePoint you can contribute to making a safer community.

Take the steps to create a more heart healthy lifestyle. This includes regular exercise, a better diet, and less smoking and drinking.


What do you gain? By living a more heart healthy lifestyle you will decrease your chances of heart disease and other major health concerns. You will live a healthy life and live longer. 

By logging AEDs in your community you are creating a resource. If you or someone you love goes into cardiac arrest, someone can check this AED log to see where the closest AED is, and it could save their life.

What We're Doing.

In Newfoundland, due to an arrhythmogenic right ventricular cardiomyopathy (also known as the "Newfoundland curse"), 80 per cent of men and 20 per cent of women who have this gene will die of a sudden heart attack before the age of 50 if left untreated.

Enactus Memorial students are working to educate their communities about AED awareness and healthy eating habits. We don't only want to be able to save lives with HeartStarter, but reduce the need for use of AEDs. 


There is a lack of education on AEDs in schools, meaning youth do not feel comfortable using AEDs. These devices are programmed to explain each step to the user, so they do not even need to know how to use it beforehand. Not many people know this and awareness around this could save a life.